Oct 13, 2010

All Club Hos Please Thank Your Clubfitters/Techs

If you're like me and you like to try different clubs throughout the golf season then you've probably used the odd golf club-fitter or technician. I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to these guys that have helped me along with my club hoing and general golf addiction for the past year. My wife thanks you as well. Here's a few I'd like to acknowledge.

Slammer Steve I met through the Ottawa Golf forum. Steve is a very knowledgeable club fitter. He's had years of experience with many Long Drive athletes. He helped me with a few shafts for a R9 460 I was "testing out". I learned a lot about shaft spining and flowing. I also learned some general fitting basics when it comes to getting fit for a driver.

He got the shafts back to me fast so I could take them on Summer vacation to PEI. Steve is always willing to help you out depending what you want done. If you have any questions he's always eager to answer. If your in the Ottawa area look him up to get some work done at 613-820-2639.

All the guys at Golf Town in Kanata again this year helped me out immensely. They were very knowledgeable and always fast when I needed a grip on a putter or a wedge that I was reviewing. Got some extensions in some irons I was testing out as well. Always done very professionally . Thanks big time. Look them up at the Kanata Golf Town 613-254-7064.

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