Nov 28, 2010

Another Golf Anecdote from Bobby Rusher

Here's a guest post from Bobby Rusher author of  “When to Regrip Your Ball Retriever".

"When to Regrip Your Ball Retriever” pulls from Rusher's years of a love/hate relationship with the game and gives tips on everything on the green – from when to lie on your score card to whether you should laugh when your spouse produces a banana slice (the answer is no!).
Another Golf Anecdote from Bobby Rusher.....................

Hands down, my friend George wins the prize as the primary inspiration for the comic Training Manuals on the game of golf from Bobby Rusher.

We were playing yet another of our highly competitive matches at a low level of competence, having agreed at the outset that if one of us broke 100 and the other didn’t then that would be an automatic $5 win. The use of constant banter during play was also approved in advance. Of course, Mulligans and Shapiros were always included as two of the major tools of play.

Anyway, on the second hole, I shot a nine. George then said, “Bobby, you’d better read my book.” I said, “Oh yeah? What book?” And he said: “How to line up your fourth putt.” I quipped that he really was such a brilliant humorist. And I called him a large bunker-butt. He laughed and said that just looking at me made him shank, and he called me a shank-faced nitwit, further suggesting that I was light in the loafers.

On the next hole, I suggested to him that he should readmy book, and he enquired as to its title, to which I replied: “How to duck hook from the bunker and still get home in 10.” He smirked and took out a three-iron in order to flub a slightly uphill lie about five yards forward. I said, “You’re still away, Georgie,” and he said, “I’m taking a mulligan.” I said that was allowed only on the tee, but he replied that he was taking one of his two traveling Mulligans, “or,” he said, “Have you forgotten, my friend, about the travelers?” I said ok, but added that he needed a lesson on how to get more distance off the shank. He said that he considered me to be a bogey-brained chili-dipper.

This continued for the entire 7-hour round. I forget who won. But on the plane ride home I sat with a gin & tonic and wrote down as many “How To’s” as I could. This list became the Table of Contents for the first book. I eagerly showed the list to my wife when I got home, and told her I was going to write a book! She said, “Great, honey. Great.”

The rest is history.

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