Nov 24, 2010

New SeeMore Si4 Putter Features RST2 Technology

After doing a few reviews of SeeMore putters I've always come away impressed with the style, design, feel and look of SeeMore putters (My gamer is a SeeMore Si1 still). Again I'm impressed with the SeeMore's new Si4 featuring SeeMore's RST2 technology. Love the black satin look and the classic hosel style blade. Should be a hit at $180.

(Franklin, TN - ) SeeMore introduces the black satin si4 featuring SeeMore's RST2 technology, which offers the key benefits of SeeMore's original RifleScope Technology (RST) in a classic hosel style blade. "This putter takes SeeMore to an entire new level of being able to help more golfers enjoy the benefits of SeeMore's proprietary and proven alignment technology," said Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot, co-owners. "Golfers for years have been asking for this type of design from SeeMore. The Si4 is that design, and is already in great demand on all the world tours". The RST2 alignment system is housed on the top of the hosel, where 2 white lines are milled perfectly parallel to the face of the putter, creating a "gun sight" effect. The golfer is assured of being square to the intended target line when the white lines are visible and the signature red dot is hidden. The Si4 features a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) face insert for a softer feel and a slightly lower rebound characteristic preferred by some players. The Si4 is available at once. RH and LH. Retail price $180.

Deadly Precise Putting System

SeeMore originally became recognized when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open playing a SeeMore putter in the greatest final round putting performance in US Open History. The brand was re-launched in 2007, and immediately regained worldwide prominence as Zach Johnson used a SeeMore FGP to win the 2007 Masters.

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