Nov 23, 2010

Titleist 910 Driver Feedback - Twitter Style

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  11/23/2010 10:38:00 AM   1 comment

With Adam Scott's recent win with the 910D3 Titleist Driver at the Barclays Singapore Open. I thought I'd ask around Twitter for some feedback on those that had tried the Titleist 910 Driver already. I have yet to try although it's high on my list to try at Golf Town (This driver just came out last week).

Here's every one's take on my Twitter question "What's the one thing you like most about the Titleist 910 Driver"

Even Christina Kim chimed in with her take on the 910 line:

Christina Kim
@ the incredibly solid feel of the clubs. I don't care for wrenches or tweaking things around. They just feel so pure.

Fore The Golfer
@ The face is far hotter than the 909, which yields higher ball speeds, and the adjustable hosel allows for the optimal fit!

@ @ So far it's the ability to leave no stone unturned. 96 drivers plus shafts in the line should cover anyone!

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