Dec 10, 2010

Bobby Cobb Rocks A SeeMore Putter - Video - Bobby's Bag of Tricks [Cougar Town]

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  12/10/2010 02:06:00 PM   No comments

My wife thinks I'm crazy. Watching the ever popular Cougar Town last night I notice golf pro Bobby Cobb stroking a SeeMore putter. It's towards the end of the show and of course he makes the putt. She now knows I'm a certifiable golf nut (recognize a golf putter brand on TV - check).

Seems you'll be seeing more of Bobby Cobb (actor Brian Van Holt) and his faithful SeeMore m1w (Thanks to Ted/Jason from SeeMore for confirming) on Cougar Town. He will be using it in the next 5 episodes of Cougar Town.

The SeeMore m1w is from actor's Brian Van Holt personal bag. From the show you can tell he is a very good golfer. He loves the SeeMore putter and asked to use it in the show....another reason to love SeeMore putters and the great year it had in 2010.

Bobby's bag of Tricks [Cougar Town - Stroking It With Bobby Cobb]. Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt) gives golf tips.

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