May 14, 2011

Charley Hoffman Snaps Putter - Broken Putter Starts Twitter Account

Charley Hoffman is one of my favorite golfers to follow. On Thursday he had a bit of a rough day putting at the Players Championship (31 putts for the day) and snapped his Scotty Cameron Red X3 in two like a match stick. Charley has had some other frustrations at the Players Championship before. On the #13 hole a few years ago he threw his putter in a nearby pond after missing a 20 inch putt.

Don't mess with the Hoffman. Like Luca Glover's beard starting a Facebook page his broken putter has started up a Twitter account. If your on Twitter you have to follow for some pretty funny banter.

Nice to see Charley bounce back today with a round of 68 and 26 putts. No indication what Charley is putting with now.

Charley Hoffman snaps his club in half after the ninth hole at the Players Championship 

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