Jul 15, 2011

Links Golf Beckons - Open Championship Tease

I’ve only been across the pond to Ireland, Scotland and England once back in the late 90s. Before wife and kids, simpler times a lot less complicated. Priorities were definitely different. When I went last time it was for a vacation between my two seasonal jobs (tree planter/foreman and Ski Hill Rental shop Supervisor).

Now when July rolls around and the Worlds best tee it up at the Open Championship I get the urge to recreate my trip across the Atlantic but with the priority set on golf travel. The same amount of Guinness as last time just a lot more golf.

Every golf fanatic out there dreams of teeing it up at the birthplace of golf. The way golf was meant to be played. Exposed coastlines, howling winds, bunkers that swallow golf balls, unfair bounces. It’s all about adversity. I know you dream of flying a shot low using a 3 wood where you’d normally hit a 7 iron. Playing a long bump and run where you’d normally just fly it straight to the hole. Links golf is different sometimes good shots get bad, game-changing bounces on those damn warped fairways. Golf is played more on the ground than in the air. Just ask the guys playing this week at Royal St. George’s or the guys going home early.

Golf vacations are easy when it comes to choosing which golf courses you want to play. With a rich History of Golf you can play courses the likes of Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, and Ben Hogan have graced. St. Andrew’s, Ballybunion Golf Club, Carnoustie and Royal County Down just to name a few.

But when it comes to finalizing one of the many golf packages available to golf Ireland and Scotland make sure you talk to an expert. They can help you with the hard things you might not think of like weather, avoiding crowds, club closures and tee time services. They can build you with a rough itinerary that can help in the long run and you can handle the golf and of course the after round Guinness.

You may even want to try out the Top 10 Most Difficult Holes at the British Open 1982-2010 how great would that be snapping your picture at a few of these courses to show your buddies back home

Year Location Hole Par Scoring Avg.

1. 1984, St. Andrews, No. 17, Par 4, 4.79

2. 2008, Birkdale, No. 6, Par 4, 4.77

3. 2000, St. Andrews, No. 17, Par 4, 4.71

4. 2010, St. Andrews, No. 17, Par 4, 4.67

5. 1986, Turnberry, No. 8, Par 4, 4.66

6. 1997, Troon, No. 11, Par 4, 4.65

6. 1990, St. Andrews, No. 17, Par 4 4.65

8. 2005, St. Andrews, No. 17, Par 4 4.63

8. 1988, Lytham, No. 14, Par 4, 4.63

10. 1998, Birkdale, No. 6, Par 4, 4.62

10. 1995, St. Andrews, No. 17, Par 4, 4.62

10. 1985, St. George's, No. 18, Par 4, 4.62


Jordan J. Caron said...


I haven't been to the British Isles but each year when I watch the Open the urge becomes too much! 12 years ago I passed up a chance to play in a Junior Team event at St. Andrews for another event in Colorado, so stupid!

At the same time, I don't think I would have appreciated the links courses like I do now. I do have some tours planned next year to Ireland and Scotland so I'll get there one way or another!

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

You have to go Jordan, it's amazing the people are great to and the pubs no better spot except the golf course.

www.teewrite.com said...

In 2006 I went and walked at St. Andrews, it is open to the public on Sundays. It was an amazing experience.

http://www.teewrite.com - Home of the pencil golf tee

New York Artificial Turf said...

How very nostalgic... I love the pics!