Dec 13, 2011

2011 Trusty Rusty Wedge Review

Before the snow and colder weather arrived here in the Ottawa area I had the chance to test out the new Trusty Rusty Wedge from Cobra-Puma Golf now available from Golf Town for $129.99.

2011 Cobra-Puma Trusty Rusty Wedge Review
  • The black PVD finish is amazing looking . It frames the ball beautifully. Can't wait til I use it more so I can get that true "Rusty" feel.
  • I like the fact The True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft has been painted black w/ a non-glare coating and precision laser engraving - A great look.
  • Love the longer length in the Lamkin 3GEN® Grip. A must for gripping down on those finesse shots.A real solid grip that absorbs any vibrations, the orange accents are awesome as well. 
  • Versatility - The wedge performed great on full, three quarter and half shots 
  • At a price of $129.99 at Golf Town this wedge stands up to all of it's competitors in this price range including my Scratch wedges.
  • With a vast array of lofts (men’s right handed lofts of 49°, 51°, 53°, 55°, 57°, 59° and 61° with a  Left-handed lofts of 51°, 53°, 55°, 59° and 61° ) there's something for everyone.
  • Because of the versatility of the wedge with the Tri-Bounce Sole more practice might be needed on those  long, medium and short/flop shot

Here's the scoop on these wedges from Cobra Golf:

COBRA Trusty Rusty Wedges Technology 

The COBRA Trusty Rusty Wedges are made with 100% raw, unplated 8620 carbon steel that will rust over time. The Tri-Bounce Sole with rear scallop provides enough bounce for forgiveness but keeps the leading edge height low so golfers can get underneath the ball. The Lamkin 3GEN® Grip has improved vibration damping, stays soft and tacky in all playing conditions and does not absorb moisture. A longer length with less taper allows for consistent feel when golfers need to choke down on close shots.
• Tri-Bounce Sole with Rear Scallop

• Higher bounce in the center with relief in the heel and toe optimizes performance for long, medium and short/flop shots Laser Precision Technology

• Patent-pending aggressive machined grooves with post-laser milling. Features four distinct surface roughnesses that result in maximum allowable spin Specialty Rusted Finishes

• Promotes maximum allowable spin and enhanced feel with non-plated finishes that rust over time.
The Trusty Rusty Wedges (MSRP $129) are available in men’s right handed lofts of 49°, 51°, 53°, 55°, 57°, 59° and 61° with a True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft. Left-handed lofts of 51°, 53°, 55°, 59° and 61° are available as well.

The Trusty Rusty will be available at retail December 9th, 2011.


Unknown said...

Great article. You seem to know a lot about golf. Do you have any golfing tips?

Denny said...

As the face rusts, more bite available, groove rules notwithstanding. More age, better feel and spin.

Unknown said...

Impressive blog. Nicely presented and written.

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