May 30, 2013

Layers: The Forgotten Friend

I had some insight the other day that will hopefully not be forgotten anytime soon. It was one of those cold rainy mornings that I just happen to be working at my part-time job at Rideau View Golf Club. It felt more like Fall then late Spring.  You could see your damn breathe, luckily no frost. Not a so called great day for golfing but the Rideau View Turf Team is out there making the course beautiful for those crazy golfers

I had layered up my golf clothing to what I thought would be adequate for the weather. I was sadly mistaken. I had a great waterproof golf jacket on but that wasn’t the problem. My layers were not the best I had 3 layers under my jacket but probably could have used a few better quality layers.

That’s where the likes of Galvin Green and others come along. You know those high-performance golf wear companies that just make highly functional and ergonomically designed clothes. Plus companies like Galvin Green still seem to maintain a high level of design and fashion.

If you’re not familiar with the brand they are a Swedish company that has a stranglehold on the waterproof apparel market in the UK.  Galvin Green offers a plethora of apparel from golf pants, hats, socks and shirts to compression layers as well as belts and bags.

I really could of used a few of their base layers last week. Oh! how the week changes as we’re now in a head wave with temperatures in the Ottawa area over 30 degrees with the humidity.

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