May 28, 2013

Rideau View Golf Report: My First Three Weeks

Well it’s been a busy three weeks since I’ve taken on a part-time job at Rideau View Golf Club as a member of their Turf Team. It’s been a real learning experience working Monday to Friday 5:30AM to 9:30AM. Many things to report, so many nuisances of maintaining a truly beautiful golf course like Rideau View.

One of the first things I got trained on was cutting the holes for each days play at Rideau View. It’s a 9 day cycle that I’ve learned to embrace. Having the power at where the holes will be placed is fun especially when you’re a golfer yourself. You don’t want to be too hard but you want to make it a challenge as well. Some of the greens at Rideau View have some severe slopes so you have to be careful at where you put the hole. 

I played 9 holes the other day and I happen to have cut the holes for that day as well. On the 9th hole which has a few of those severe slopes I mentioned. I happen to have hit a nice drive and only had a little wedge in to the green. The pin was middle left and my wedge shot went past the pin and came back to just about 10 feet. I ended up 3 putting for bogey. Karma is a bitch!

Another fun thing about working on the Turf Team at Rideau View Golf Club is you get to drive some fun vehicles. My 5 year old loves when I show him the pictures of the “Gators, GroundsMasters and Cushmans” I get to drive each day. 

I’ve also had the chance to use both the walking greensmowers as well as a riding mower where I got to cut the grass on the tee boxes. Fun times at Rideau View and each day brings something new.

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