Jun 2, 2013

ECCO Golf Street Shoe Review

I've been lucky enough to review numerous pairs of ECCO Golf shoes over the last few years. Each year they seem to surprise me with there incredible comfort. This season has been no different, as I've had the chance to test out a pair of 2013 ECCO Street Golf Shoes since he start of the season here in the Ottawa area.

The Scoop

Comfort: These shoes are just amazingly comfortable and that's right out of the box. No break in time needed with ECCO Golf Street Shoes. ECCO uses camel leather on this version, which is both soft and durable. The lining ensures a flexible fit with just the right amount of anatomically shaped insole for a perfect fit and feel.

Versatile: I've worn my Golf Streets while working my part-time job on the Turf Team at Rideau View Golf Club. During practice sessions as well as for a few rounds of golf. While working my full-time job at Canada Post delivering the mail and finally just casually out and about. I haven't met a golf yet that can pull of all these scenes have you?

Color: I got my ECCOs in Titanium/Wild Dove/Brick just a superb colour on and off the golf course.

Traction: Improved traction for ECCO in this version of the Golf Street. With pre-moulded traction bars in over 800 angles I never lost traction during my swing or walking the course.

I always wonder how these type of spikeless golf shoes will last over the long term but ECCO does state their TPU traction bars have been tested to last longer than regular rubber.

Although my feet have yet to get wet in my Golf Streets (and yes I have worn them multiple times in wet conditions) Golf Streets are not waterproof but do provide superb weather resistance as well as being perspiration resistant.

ECCO continues to raise the bar when it comes to spikeless golf shoes. This 2013 version somehow seems to have improved on previous years version. The comfort alone is worth the price tag of $220.00, add in the fact you can wear this golf shoe anywhere is a huge bonus. ECCO once again has a winner in the Golf Street. If Freddie Couples can be cool in these then why not you.

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