Jul 23, 2014

Shoe Review: ECCO Street Evo One

This golf season I've had the pleasure of once again testing out a pair of ECCO golf shoes. The ECCO Street Evo One are of the spikeless variety and the color I got to test out was black/port. What amazes me every year is that ECCO some how is able to improve on their true and tested and original street-style golf shoe.


Improved Traction
ECCO has improved the traction for the golfer with this model. With the outsole providing 800 traction angles I had tremendous traction in all weather conditions as well as varying playing conditions. Being a golfer that likes to take a good rip at the ball I never had to worry about my feet slipping.

ECCO comfort
Out of the box my ECCO Street Evo Ones fit beautifully and comfort over 18+ holes was never an issue. Golfing back to back days as well my feet never became fatigued. This can only be attributed to the high quality hydromax-treated leather and the flexible construction of the shoe.

Dry Feet Good
Who wants wet feet when they're golfing? ECCO hydromax-treated leather seems to keep out H2O so my feet have been very happy.

Style for everyone
Loved the look and the style of the shoe from the color (black/port) to the additional black laces provided for a completely different look. ECCO seems to know how to choose colors that not only appeal to the young crowd but to the older generation as well.

I always wonder about the wear of these type of spikeless golf shoes. So far ECCO's ECCO-Dynamic Traction System has had little to no wear of any kind.

With so many types of golf shoes on the market it's great as golfers we have such a wide variety to choose from and ECCO continues to lead the way in innovation, style and comfort. Originally listed at $190 (now on sale at $159) they are on the high end price wise for the street-style genre of golf shoes but with ECCO style and quality these will last you a very long time. The ECCO Street Evo Ones truly are the "Complete shoe for the complete golfer.

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Mike said...

To be honest when i first started playing golf I never would have thought shoes or any other equipment
would make any difference on your game. But after a bunch of swings and slips I had to look into some shoes and man did it make a huge difference. These shoes are not only great on keeping your balance but extremely fashionable as well.