Apr 21, 2018

Spring Golf at Rideau View Just Around The Corner

Things lately were looking bleak for golf in the Ottawa area, especially early in the week as wet snow blanketed the area. With most locals chomping at the bit to get out onto their local golf course, the weather looks like it might be looking up and courses can start to think about opening up.

Yesterday I stopped into Rideau View Golf Club to talk to my boss Course Superintendent Gord MacMillan. Gord was excited that they were finally getting out and cutting some greens for the first time. Considering he brought in staff the first week in March and had 11 greens cleared of straw, bubble wrap and tarps and it was looking like maybe an early April opening. Then mother nature took over with 30cm of snow and his staff got lots done "inside".

Gord has never seen anything like this before in his 30 years at Rideau View, "With some greens not being cleared until a month after the first ones were done".

Greens look great at Rideau View after the first cut considering our cold Spring here in the Ottawa area.

What is Gord looking forward to this season, well considering 2017 was the wettest in memory and 2016 was the driest. Gord would like, "Something in between and rain every 4th night".

Challenges for Gord and his staff, "Foresee what mother nature has around the corner".

Gord hopes from how the course is progressing and how others are looking in the Ottawa Valley. We'll be able to open, "Summer Rules" at Rideau View.

All great news for golfers at Rideau View and the Ottawa Valley.

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