Apr 24, 2018

Top 6 North American Golf Destinations

The vast wilderness across North America provides some of the most scenic golf courses in the world. If you’ve recently watched the epic Masters Tournament and finished your golf course at one of America’s leading golf schools, it may be time to pack your bags and set course for one of these excellent golf destinations:

1. Bandon Dunes, Oregon

Thousands of avid golf players descend on this pristine resort every year. It’s been described as a little bit of Scotland and a little bit of Ireland right here in America. Old Macdonald, the resort’s latest golf course, has had some stunning reviews in recent years. Staying a night is likely to cost you $250, but for enthusiasts and professional players it’s money well-spent.

2. Cabot Links Lodge, Inverness, Nova Scotia

Located on Canada’s prime golf destination - Cape Breton Island - Cabot Links is a phenomenal golf course for players who love playing with a fantastic view. Five of the holes on this golf course hug the beach tightly, while all the rest look out on the Gulf of St.Lawrence.

 16th Hole At Cabot Cliffs From My 2016 Trip

3. Fairmont Banff Springs Alberta

Banff in Alberta is a prime vacation destination even if you aren’t into golfing. Fairmont has two gorgeous properties here that are worth a visit - Jasper Park Lodge and Banff Springs. While Jasper is more rustic, Banff seems like a massive castle devoted to golfers. Even the drive up to the hotels across Icefields Parkway is breathtaking.

4. Pinehurst, North Carolina

Pinehurst is perhaps the oldest and most prominent golf resort in America. It’s been around since the late-19th century, and is now considered the birthplace of modern golf on the continent. There are pine trees and sandhills across the property which features nine separate golf courses. Special tennis courts and spas can keep the non-golfers busy while avid players make the most of these beautiful landscapes.

5. Pebble Beach, California

As with most other things in Cali, golf is an expensive endeavor. A round of golf with a cart on Pebble Beach is likely to cost more than $450. Meanwhile, the room rate per night is upwards of $615. Those jaw-dropping prices, however, give you access to a golf course that is widely considered to be the best public golf course in America. It’s a high-end experience for golf players who enjoy the lap of luxury. Alternatively, you could head out to the excellent yet affordable Bird Golf Academy not too far from the Santa Barbara coast.

6. American Club, Destination Kohler

The American Club is the perfect destination for golfers with a massive budget. The resort, golf courses, and amenities go beyond simple luxury, they’re widely considered to be ultra-high-end. In fact, the resort is such a sought after destination that the 2015 PGA Championship was hosted here.

If you plan a short golf getaway anywhere in North America, you’re probably spoiled for choice. The immense wilderness of Canada and the opulence of high-end golf resorts across America are worth the experience even if you’re not a passionate golfer.

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