May 27, 2007

Hating The Rain Delays On The PGA Tour

I'm not one to complain especially when it comes to golf but could someone do something about the weather down in Texas. They've had so many rain delays for the Colonial the tournament director last night on the TGC was saying a finish on Memorial Day Monday could be a possibility.
They did finally get the 3rd round in a little while ago, with Scott Verplank, Rory Sabbatini, Bernard Langer and Jim Furyk all tied for the lead at -11. There's a host of other at -9,-8 and -7.
So the tournament is tight so that's good it just messes with my Yahoo Fantasy League where the deadlines to pick your players for each round has been before the round has actually ended. So it's alot of guess work. I'm pulling for Cink, Lonard, Stricker or Rollins to have some good 4th rounds. We'll see today or maybe tomorrow.

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