Jun 5, 2007

My First Match Play Showdown

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  6/05/2007 01:34:00 PM   No comments

Sorry for my recent lack of posting, I was sick recently but am now better.
My latest exciting development is being involved in my first match play tournament. It's been put together by LBH(LongBallHitter) at the forum at OttawaGolf.com.
The bracket consists of 32 golfers ranging in handicaps from 5.1 to 27 so it should be interesting who comes out on top. My first round opponent is none other than Dan Kilbank the owner of OttawaGolf.com
We will be playing at Manderley Golf Course near where I live and where Dan is a member, we just haven't picked a date/time.
I'm quite excited as I've watched alot of Match Play but have never competed before, so I'm a newbie I guess that's where the excitement comes from, will keep you posted as to the Match Play Tournament.

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