Sep 24, 2007

Heroes Season Two Tonight!

For those fans of Heroes, second season starts tonight. I know I'll be tuned in. Here's some interesting points to know:

  • The coming year will actually involve three "seasons." The first story-line - called "Generations" - will play out over the first 11 episodes. A second story will start early next year and then, starting in late March, there will be "Heroes: Origins," a six-episode spinoff that will not involve any of the original characters.
  • That initial story arc starts four months after May's season finale in which the heroes saved New York, everybody's favorite hero Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) ended up in feudal Japan and it appeared three main characters died - the villainous Skylar (Zachary Quinto) and brothers Peter and Nathan Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia, Adrian Pasdar)
  • What actually happened immediately after the big bang over Manhattan won't be revealed until Episode 8.
  • Death is a passing thing on "Heroes." It looks like Skylar and the Brothers Petrelli are all back since Quinto, Ventimiglia and Pasdar remain with the show. Leonard Roberts, who played D.L. Hawkins, the ex-con who could walk through walls, is apparently gone even though he didn't look like a goner in the finale.

  • Some fan favorites may vanish from the show periodically. Ali Larter has said her character - Hulk-ish ex-stripper Niki Sanders - disappears on a mission for several episodes. Quinto is taking significant time off to play the young Spock in the latest incarnation of "Star Trek."

  • "I think we can expect to spend a little more time this year on fewer story lines per episode that allow us to highlight certain characters each week," Kring says. "By extension, some characters will be left out of the episodes each week."

  • Filling in the gaps: a batch of "Heroes" newcomers.

    Kristen Bell ("Veronica Mars") will check in for a number of episodes as Elle, a morally ambiguous superhero with ties to the Petrellis. David Anders (Sark on "Alias") plays Hiro's Samurai hero, Takezo Kensei, and Japanese pop star Eriko Tamura is on board as love interest for Hiro.

    Dominic Keating ("Star Trek: Enterprise") plays an Irish mobster, while a truly iconic figure from the "Trek" world - Nichelle Nichols, better known as Uhura - surfaces as the grandmother of a young superhero. Also on hand: Dania Ramirez ("The Sopranos" and a stint as Callisto in "X-Men: The Last Stand") as Maya, a super-powered Dominican woman on the run from the law.

  • There will also be some changes of scenery for our heroes. An example: Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) - the cheerleader - is now living in the California town of Costa Verde with her family including good ol' dad, Noah Bennet, a.k.a. HRG (Jack Coleman). She's still cheerleading and is on the verge of true love with a new boyfriend until . . . oh, that would spoil things.

  • And, finally, we'll learn a lot more about the Company and the old guard of superheroes, including Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose), mother of Nathan and Peter; Kaito Nakamura (George Takei), Hiro's dad; and the late Mr. Linderman (Malcolm McDowell).

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