Sep 25, 2007

New Titleist Offerings- SH85 Hybrid Cart/Stand Bag And More....

Got an email from Titleist regarding some new accessories, as always looking quite nice. The new SH85 Hybrid Cart/Stand bag is my favorite I've been looking for someone to make a cart/stand bag as I sometimes like to carry and sometimes like to cart. This bag looks amazing and is only listed in black which is fine by me.
From Titleist:
The stand mechanism retracts quickly into a thermal-formed cavity that does not interfere with the bags attachment to a golf cart. A cart/ stand lever dictates the method of use for the bag, “Cart Mode” legs retract into cavity, “Carry Mode” legs are engaged for stand bag use. A hidden sheath pocket stows a double strap sling for use when carrying. Made with durable fabrics and materials this unique bag will appeal to riders and walkers alike.
This bag is on my wishlist and will retail for $185 U.S.

There's also the New Sports Mesh Flexible Fit Tour Hat. They also look nice but will hopefully come in more colors than listed on Titleist's website.


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Mike Pedersen said...

That's a sweet bag!