Oct 30, 2007

What's Tiger Been Up To Since The President's Cup

From Tiger:
It's been nice to have some time off and hang out with my family. We had a good trip on the boat and did a little fishing. Mostly, it was just fun to get away.

Obviously, it's been a great year on and off the course. My eyes light up every time I see my new daughter. Sam Alexis is 4-months-old and growing every day. She can grab things now and has held a golf club in her hands. I didn't start swinging a club until I was 11 months, so she's got seven months until that happens.

For Elin and I, it's all about the little firsts: Our first Halloween with Sam; our first Thanksgiving; our first Christmas. I've never been much of a holiday guy, but this is a pretty cool feeling. Everything has changed since we had Sam.

For once, I won't be traveling or competing on Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and friends and plan to watch some football on television.

On the course, I finished strong and won seven tournaments, which isn't too bad. Other than my putting, it was a pretty consistent year. My ball-striking was solid, but I was hot and cold with my putter, which is kind of unusual for me. At times, I struggled with my pace.

Contrary to rumors, I have not split with Hank Haney, my friend and swing coach. He's spent more time at home helping his wife deal with health issues, which is the way it should be. Besides, I've become much better at correcting my swing flaws, and that's ultimately where you want to get to with a coach-pupil relationship. Hank is still going to be my coach; that's not changing.

Of note from this is Tiger and Hank Haney haven't split. Tiger thinks winning 7 tournaments isn't bad (You've gotta love his drive). He wants to get back to being more consistent with his putter, this scary. He loves being a father and a day and a husband, good for you buddy.

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