Nov 19, 2007

Online Gaming Action With Great Support

With both real money and free online games becoming so popular lately it’s sometimes hard to find a reliable site to play your favorite game of blackjack or backgammon. The BackgammonMasters Company seems to be taking the right step in offering a whole new customer service experience while playing your favorite game of blackjack. They’ve added a Live Customer Support Feature to their software to make connecting with their customer support personnel a snap. Who wants to get the run around when you have a question or concern while your playing backgammon. So this is how easy it is, if your playing any of BackgammonMasters Company games and you need some help, just click on the Live Customer Support link in the All-in-One Game Lobby and you’ll be connected to customer support. They will assist you from there. This feature is currently only available in English but with the expansion of games in 12 languages other languages of support will inevitably follow. BackgammonMasters Company seems to be focused on giving the user great customer service from the minute they begin their game of choice. So whether you’re looking for a backgammon download or some free blackjack action try BackgammonMasters for a variety of online gaming action.

Press Release:

BackgammonMasters Company's recent explosion of traffic to their All-in-One Game Lobby has prompted the launch of their Live Customer Support Feature. This new addition to their software allows players logged into the platform to instantly contact customer support and receive immediate help on any number of issues.

The influx of traffic is due to the fact that the software is available in 12 languages as well as the recent launch of real money 21 BlackJack in the game lobby alongside the real money Poker, Perudo and ever-popular backgammon games and tournaments.

BackgammonMasters Live Support Feature lets customers click the Live Support button in the game lobby and either connect immediately to an operator or they may choose to first answer a series of short questions which will pinpoint their problem and direct them to a relevant operator.

The Live Support Feature is currently available only in English, but after this feature is launched and fully tested, BackgammonMasters plans to add live support to the other software language platforms as well. A BackgammonMasters spokesperson stated that the Company believes their relationship with the customer is vital to the success of the company and that opening these additional lines of communication will be a positive move enabling the company to enlarge their loyal customer base and increase their points of contact with members. Live Support System currently support all four games including real money 21 blackjack games. More about 21 blackjack - and blackjack game rules can be found at:

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