Nov 19, 2007

The Oregon Coast's Beauty

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  11/19/2007 10:10:00 AM   No comments

A friend had a great idea for the Christmas holidays. His family was quite spread out across the country people living in Canada, the United States and Europe. With every ones varying schedules most families found it hard over the holidays to get together in one spot until it was suggested every Christmas a new spot would be chosen to get together at for the holidays. Everyone would get input as to the new place that would be chosen for the coming year, whether it would be a sunny warm spot of a place to do some snowboarding or maybe some golf to keep the rust off over the winter. Because they usually have over 25 people they always seem to get good rates wherever they stay and everyone saves up there vacation hours for Christmas time.

This year they're having a Lincoln City Christmas vacation which for those that don't know is a lovely part of Oregon where the sand dunes are just as beautiful as anywhere else in the world. They are renting a few houses in Lincoln City so they are close to everything(ie. shopping for the wifes) and of course close to the amazing Oregon shoreline where flying a kite can be crazy fun. They love staying at a beach house because it is so much better than at a hotel as it just seems more quaint and relaxed and around Christmas time that's what you want. I'm also a little jealous because my friend will be golfing at the Chinook Winds Golf Resort around Christmas this year and I'll only be dreaming of hitting a ball.

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