Nov 15, 2007

Special Christmas Dessert

Every Christmas season my sister or I host the annual gathering of the clan for Christmas day. As the years have gone by a few more kids have been added to the mix which is great for the older crowd as they love to see the happy faces of the kids with there new toys. We generally have quite the feast as it usually centers around either a large turkey or a couple legs of lamb. My Dad is always the one who looks into dessert because basically he's a sweet tooth. This year it looks like he's going to supply some traditional Christmas Pudding from Matthew Walker who've been making Christmas pudding for over one hundred years. It seems when he was visiting Scotland last Fall an English bloke was telling him of the best Christmas Pudding in the world, and how it has all the traditional ingredients of traditional Christmas Pudding. That was enough for my Dad and it will now it will be served in a small town in Canada, you have to love it.
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