Nov 6, 2007

Video Blogging - More Targeted Traffic Is Good

Having videos on your blog seems to be the real buzz thing to include on your blog lately. Heck even Oprah is using YouTube to showcase her own videos as well as her fans. I know for myself the blogs that I run it is a resource I haven't been using much but I know with quality videos you can get great traffic to your site and repeat traffic if you know how to integrate it into our whole Internet marketing program.

If your new like myself to the whole video blogging world check out Reel SEO for all the latest information on Video SEO & Video Search Marketing this is stuff you need to understand. The importance of video blogging and the marketing of it and how it relates to your blog or website as a whole has become an entity in itself. Reel SEO helps you with the marketing aspect of video blogging. Most people just throw up a video and expect the traffic to come, the big thing is you need to know how to optimize your videos for the search engines so you get good quality traffic. That's where Reel SEO can help out. You could have the best videos posted on your blog but if no one is seeing them that pretty useless. Reel SEO has some great methods that can help those starting out with the marketing of there online videos the way they have there categories set out on there site makes it easy to find what your looking for. They also have a great glossary of terms for the newbie because you don't want to seem like your out of the loop when someone starts talking about algorithms and RTP.

Video blogging on this blog is something I will be concentrating more in the new year because I believe it's definitely an untapped traffic resource when it comes to golf related blogs. Reel SEO will help with the learning process.

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I noticed that you are using brightcove's player. How do you like? Any visibility via search engines of your videos?