Nov 5, 2007

TaylorMade-Adidas Golf New 2008 Golf Glove Collection

TaylorMade-Adidas announced this month there new offerings in golf gloves. Now I'm not one to wear a glove but once it starts to get colder up here in Canada the 32° cold weather glove might be one I would think about purchasing. TaylorMade says it's for golfers who frequently play in colder climates which is pretty much anywhere in Canada.

Designed with a dual-faced micro fiber fleece back, the glove features an insulated polyurethane palm and knitted cuffs to enhance overall hand warmth.

The other gloves offered are the new r7 Tour and the Targa gloves, as well as the H20 wet weather glove and the TaylorMade’s Burner glove. Adidas golf is also releasing the Lethal XT, a ClimaCool® glove, the Zone AG, the Inertia AG and the Inertia XC .

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Unknown said...

Wearing golf gloves while playing golf during winter is a must, otherwise your hands will turn numb and you won't be able swing your golf club properly. As far as Adidas golf gloves are concerned, they are a perfect way to improve your performance