Dec 7, 2007

Orlando Golf Vacation

Ok I'm officially jealous. The Ottawa area lately it just feels like winter, we've got more snow then last year at this time and it's easy to get in the Christmas spirit but dammit we can't play golf with all this cold weather and snow. My jealousy stems from my father-in-law booking an Orlando golf vacation for a week just after Christmas. He made all the reservations through and got great rates for his hotel and car rental. They seem to give the best rates as my father-in-law loves a good deal. He's close to all the courses he wants to play and they even gave him advice on the golf courses to play. He's even hinted that he'd use Travel to book again next year in Orlando because they have the best deals at hotels near Disney World. Sounds like that might make my wife and kids a wee bit excited. I'll be happy if we can play some golf.
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