Jan 28, 2008

Hazards On The Golf Course

I was thinking of a funny story at work the other day that got me to smile just a wee bit. It was towards the end of the season and I was playing as a single at my home course and I forget what hole but I met up with a lad who was also playing. So we plodded along noting how great the weather was I think that day it was in the 60s. Anyways after a couple of holes we notice this young lad making his way down the last par 5 we played and we notice quite a striking young lady with him. The funny thing is she doesn't seem to have her own clubs she's carrying his. Needless to say we crack a couple of jokes about it but then notice she's also wearing what I would call some pretty sexy boots to a golf course. We joke that hopefully she makes it around without twisting her ankle in a rout or sprinkler grate or whatever. It did make are round though and made for some great stories.

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