Feb 25, 2008

Add Some Flash To Your Blog Or Website

As well as running this golf blog and a couple more websites I'm always on the lookout for innovative aspects to add to my sites especially flash components like customizable flash players that yo can embed as well as various flash navigation components. I came across a interesting flash component site called FlashLoaded the other day. It has alot of components that you can use for your website like a skinnable flash player as well as XML slideshows and guestbooks. They all are very professional looking especially the Flash website templates. I have used a few flash templates before and these seem to be real winners. there database of templates can be easily searched along with most of there components. Check them out if your thinking of adding flash components to your website.

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Modern said...

Hi there saw your post about flash.
There is a nice website called www.golfpei.ca that has some nice flash elements built into it. Check it out if this adds any support to your thread. Hope this helps a bit. Take care.