Mar 15, 2008

Golf Obsessed

Some obsessed golfers have a thing for trying new and different clubs quite often, they are often called "club hos" because they are always turning new tricks. They go through lots of clubs in the blink of an eye. Some go through numerous sets of golf clubs during a season where most guys hang onto there set for a few years. No I won't even get into "putter hos" which is a whole new genre. But the pros obsess too over there clubs not only you and I the mere hackers. Check out this great article about some TaylorMade pros that might be a bit obsessed too:

TaylorMade has a new driver debuting in mid-April and an unorthodox new putter coming out a few weeks before that. So at the Arnold Palmer Invitational here this week, the company is pulling out all the stops to get as many PGA Tour pros as possible to adopt the new clubs........

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