May 20, 2008

For The Golf Obsessed -

Just talk to anyone who's an avid golfer and they know what I'm talking about when I say that when an avid golfer is not golfing we love to talk about it. I know my wife bugs me especially when my father-in-law and I are together we can't stop talking about golf. When is the next time your playing? Did you see the last PGA tournament? Have you tried that new club? It's a nice addiction when you have an understanding wife like myself.

A great place to talk more golf and get your fix of golf is at They have a great forum where you can discuss online where you might be playing next or maybe hook up with another member for a friendly game right in your own neighborhood. I recently signed up and I love the handicap tracking feature offers as well as the statistics that it can keep track of, something that's great for a golfer who is trying to get better. also has a golf course directory if your thinking about playing a course in a certain area. See if it's in their directory and see what others might be saying about the golf course. A great resource for those who might travel around on business and might get a chance to play a few different courses throughout the country.

Make sure you also check out the photos that members can upload. It's always cool to see what other golfers might be taking pictures of and why not upload your own as well. Sign up today at it's free and fun.

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