May 21, 2008

Prestigious England Tournament

If you've ever been to London you know it's a very large city and can be a bit intimidating. When I was traveling around Europe about ten years ago I was visiting some family in Ireland and had an opportunity to go to England including London. London never really interested me and wasn't a place I thought I would really want to visit until I finally went and God I was glad I did. I thought it would be to busy and intimidating. I got over it quick when I saw first hand the beauty and the history of London. I loved getting around in the Underground visiting some of London's historical museum as well as I got a chance to take in a few matches at Wimbledon. A friend got some great Wimbledon tickets that we just couldn't pass up they were higher up but it didn't matter. I didn't know I'd ever get the chance again to see the oldest and most prestigious tennis championship in the world. That's what London is all about prestige. Now I just have to get back there to take in the Open Championship some year. That would be an awesome journey to see the world's best golfers at one of the prestigious golf courses like Carnoustie, St. Andrews or Royal Troon.

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