Sep 17, 2009

EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Golf Rocks

Well since last Thursday I've been busy testing out EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Golf and all I can say is I'm loving it so far. Although I'm only up to 11 full rounds I love the fact I was selected as a Beta tester for this game and secondly when I'm not on the real links this simulation helps to ease the pain of not being on the real course.

Right now there are 5 courses to play which include Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass, Sheshan Golf Course, St. Andrews and Wolf Creek Golf Course. Wolf Creek the newest release is my favorite right now firstly because I've never golfed at a desert course before and secondly I got my second ace on this course not bad for almost a weeks playing the online version of the Tiger Woods classic golf simulation.

The more $$$ you accumulate by completing various objectives can be used towards your player to better their skills. Like I say I've only got 11 rounds in but my skills are getting better as well as my judgment on more than a few shots as well. Sometimes you have to know when to play safe and when to take that risk. Very much like real golf.

Various daily and weekly tournaments are set up and I played my first beginner tournament yesterday and it looks like I came in 92nd with winnings of $582. Obviously room for improvement there.

It looks like you can even still sign up for Beta testing so if your interested in some online golf action go for it.

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