Jan 18, 2010

Golfers Giving Back

For me golfers seem to be some of the most generous people out there. With everything going on in Haiti Mike from PutterTalk.com though it would be cool to generate some much need help for the Haitian country and started a Putter raffle for a beautiful Byron putter. I know a lot of people have donated $$$ already but an extra $20 will help out Haiti and you might win a putter.

Another charitable campaign has also started called the DriveHard Campaign and it's trying to raise funds for Alzeheimers. The DRIVEHARD Campaign plans to raise much needed funds and awareness for the fight against Alzheimer's.  

Here's what they're doing: we are selling and distributing DRIVEHARD wristbands.  The dimpled wristband design replicates the dimples found on a golf ball; it's not only a stylish design, but wearing one will go a long way towards creating the much needed funds and awareness for Alzheimer's.  More information about this campaign can be found online at: www.drivehard.org

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