Apr 12, 2010

Winners - 2nd Annual Masters Pool

So once again thanks to our sponsors Golf Cult, Feel Golf Canada, and Sumi-G for having some great products and supplying us a few to give to the winners in our 2nd Annual Masters Pool. Turn out was pretty good considering I got a late start but with some emails/tweets/phone calls here's how everyone did.

Ottawa Sports Guy - $3,343,500
Boomergirl - $3,151,500
Ryan - $2,681,813
Caddie Chaplain - $2,571,000
BKing- $2,410,313
Luke - $2,347,313
Patrick Allan - $2,315,813
Kyle - $2,112,376
R.Mark Roberts - $1,998,000
Nicedivot - $1,985,250
Vince Spence - $1,866,563
BrianSt. - $1,618,313
Scott Gavin - $1,569,375
Scott S. -$1,426,313
Chapeau Noir (Mike) - $1,354,313
GTEditor - $1,138,876
Darryl P.- $992,813
Agent Orange -  $879,563
Shane m. - $536,063
Mr. Coleyo - $233,813

Congrats to 1st place winner Ottawa Sports Guy and 2nd Place winner Boomergirl. Pretty close between the two they made great picks with #1 (Mickelson),#2 (Westwood) and #3 (AK). All of Ottawa Sports Guys picks made the cut, Boomergirl had only Cink not make the cut. I wish I would of used their picks in some of the other Masters pools I was involved in I might of won some cash. I will be in contact with the winners to get them their great prizes from Golf Cult, Feel Golf Canada and Sumi-G. Thanks again everyone!

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