Apr 15, 2010

Who Wants To Rock A 59 Belt?

Although my collection of belts for golf is pretty small. A great white Puma belt and stylin' Dormy from Sumi-G. I really love the way belts have become a great accessories to complement your golf apparel and the way pros have taken to the trend of wearing some really cool belts . Take for instance the exposure 59 Belts got for the Masters with Ricky Barnes wearing one of their custom belts. This company is obviously on the way up. Just have a look at their Wall of Buckles or their Online Player Gallery and discover some great designs.

At $300 to $450  for a custom belt from 59 Belts they certainly are on the expensive side but they are custom made using a CNC milling process that is pretty intense and they're actually made in the good ole U.S.A.

At present I know of two ways you can win a custom made belt from 59 Belts the first one is from our friends at Hackers Paradise. This one is pretty easy but check out the prizes just for a little scavenger hunt.

The Prizes
Two lucky THP Forum members will win a 59 Switch Buckle & Matching Strap, considered by many to be the finest buckles produced in the world. Each strap comes unfinished so you can have it perfectly sized for yourself. Additional belt or logo colors can be added to your collection at your whim. Each buckle also has THP engraved on the back.

Scavenger Hunt
Many of our readers are familiar with our "Scavenger Hunt" contests, but those that are not, it is really quite easy. We will ask 3 questions and each one of them can be answered by browsing through the 59 Belts website. Each entry that is submitted with the correct answers, will be entered into a random drawing to pick out the winners of this fabulous contest.

Only one entry per person
Answers to questions (your entry) must be emailed to contests@thehackersparadise.com

Please include your screen name or your entry will not be counted.

The deadline of this contest Tuesday April 20th, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered.

You must be a registered forum member with at least 5 posts to submit your entry. Registration is always fast, free, and easy.
The Hackers Paradise - Register

By entering this contest you agree to post pictures of your prize, should you win, in our Contest Winners Thread in our forum.

The other was posted by our friend Mike over at Chapeau Noir Golf. He's always hip to trends in the golf apparel world and he picked up on 59 Belts Contest to design Jamie Lovemark's Belt Buckle. I love this one just for the fact you can be really creative. So jump on board become a member at 59 Belts and start your design. I know I'm trying to get the old creative juices flowing which gets harder now that I just turned 42.

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Jason Ehmke said...

You should check out the buckles from beltbuckle.com as well. They have the same CNC milling process, but cost around half as much.