May 4, 2010

Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Golf Book Review

Well I've had this book for awhile now so here's my take on The Golf Book from Chicken Soup for the Soul and Golf Digest. While I've never read any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books when they offered to send me a Soup book related to golf of course I jumped at the chance. My reading habits have changed drastically since my days tree planting in BC where Kerouac was king now golf rules the Ottawa Golf Blog house much to the chagrin of my family.

First off I like the way the book is arranged with each short story placed in one of 10 sections. The sections are also aptly named like Subtle Breaks, Apexes, Working The Ball, Gamesmanship, Fathers, Recovery Shots, Swing Thoughts, The Lifelong Game, Grinders and Raconteurs. The stories range from just a page to a maximum 5 pages. So I like the fact you can just pick up the book and flip to a section and read. You don't have to read this book from the start.

Do these short golf stories inspire, amuse and surprise? Most do some fall short and that's usually the norm when it comes to short story collections whether it's golf related or whatever. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tour Pros Worry About The Chunk Too -Subtle Breaks
A great collections of thoughts from Tour Caddie Mark Long including a Tommy Bolt story where he hits the wrong ball and some great stories about the 17th at the Players Championship. Nice to know Pros worry about bad shots as well as us hackers.

You're Away -Apexes
A heartfelt story from Ron Fitzsimmons about connecting with his Dad after many years and being able to say, "You're Away" to your Dad. Something I hope to hear from my three kids at some point.

Chalas's Chance Encounter - Working The Ball
An impromptu lesson from Byron Nelson leads a man to follow his dream later in life to become a teaching pro. Great read.

Living With The Yips - Gamesmanship
Most golfers at one time or another have had the yips. I know a few guys that change putters more than their underwear. This story will make anyone laugh especially those that have had the yips or dare I say the "Shanks".

Golf Widow - Gamesmanship
For anyone that's married this story tells it all, from a ladies perspective.

Never Let a Big Gun Bring You Down - Gamesmanship
Pros are pros and amateurs well we're wannabe pros. Aspiring to golf like a pro and hitting a shot like one but not getting the response one would want from a real pro. A great story about not letting anyone even a pro get you down.

Pings Left in a Will - Fathers
Some old Pings that didn't get really appreciated til after a Grandfather's death.

My Little Girl Golfer - Fathers
A father gains a golf partner for life after he adopts a little girl. A great read for anyone who enjoys golf and has children.

A Walk In The Woods - Recovery Shots
Enjoy your walk in the woods you just might find some solace in the rough I know Neil Rosen did.

No Carts - Recover Shots
Golf without a cart saved James Swigert life it just might help out someone you know who's going through a rough patch like James did and he overcame it by taking up the Game of Golf.

Trusting Instincts- Swing Thoughts
Gary Player's story about his father and how Gary used his Dad's ideas on trusting rats in the South African golf mines to hi sown ideals on the golf course, business and beyond.

Nine Holes in Eighteen Years - The Lifelong Game
A great story about a set of  18 year old Ping Eye 2's that will give and give to many golfers for years to come.

Chip and Putt -Grinders
A short story from a kid that had a all but to short life but really knew how to chip and putt and listen to his Dad. 

Tomcat the Caddy - Raconteurs
Arnold Palmer talks of a caddy with a comeback for ever shot. Funny stuff.

A found the Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Golf Book a really fun book yes ever short story wasn't perfect but there were some definite gems. A great book for a Dad with three kids and not a lot of free time and an obsession for golf.

The book sells for about $14.95 new and can be bought online at


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the article was well written!
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Anonymous said...

If you like this book you'll love Golf Sense by Roy Palmer. It's quite different from anything I've read before and has done wonders for my golf!

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