Jan 8, 2011

SeeMore Putters | Black Si4

The FedEx driver dropped off another SeeMore putter the other day. The new SeeMore Si4 RST2 Model Putter. This past season I gamed a SeeMore Si1 for the entire season and putting was the most consistent part of my game. For me the RST technology works and I've enjoyed the putter designs SeeMore keeps on making. So I'm intrigued about how the Black Satin Si4 new RST2 technology, which offers the key benefits of SeeMore’s original RifleScope Technology (RST) will work in a classic hosel style blade. Stay tuned for the review.
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Putter Zone already has the Si4 as one of its Power Picks: Best Buy Putters for 2011. At $180 USD I can already see why.

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