Apr 4, 2011

Masters Week Giveaway/Contest

Winners******** kebgolfer & Séamus Maher  

Masters week is finally here! For die hard Canadian golfers it usually means the start of the golf season. What better way to celebrate Spring and the year’s first major then to give away two copies of  “The Timeless Swing” from Tom Watson, a two-time Masters winner (1977 & 1981).


Golfers of any age will love this book great insight into the swing but not to technical and wordy. Great pictures to go along with the lessons as well as videos if you have a Smartphone. See my full review coming soon.

How to win “The Timeless Swing” 

1)Describe your swing on Twitter and receive one entry, make sure its @OttawaGolfBlog. If you don’t have a Twitter account you can also make a comment on this post describing your swing for one entry.

2)Retweet the message below and receive another entry.
 Describe your swing & win “The Timeless Swing” by Tom Watson @OttawaGolfBlog @SimonSchusterCA http://bit.ly/eESMSb #Masters #golf #contest 

3)Upload your swing video to Twitter for all to see, you get another entry.

I will randomly pick two winners from all the entries on Sunday after the final shot at the Masters. So get your entries in! Ottawa Golf Blog Poker Chip Marker to be included for winners of the books.


Mike C said...

My current swing is modeled around the stack and tilt technique made popular by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. I have been utilizing this technique for the past two years and have been able to draw the ball more consistently as a result.

kebgolfer said...

I have been playing golf for 10 years now and my swing is very fluid and smooth and most days I am very accurate. I need to work on my short game more. Speaking of the Masters, me and a golf buddy drove to Augusta yesterday, I live in Atlanta, and we watched a practice round of some of the top players. Also got a few autographs on my hat. If you have never been to the Masters, you need to go check it out. You'll have memories for the rest of your life.

Séamus Maher said...

I've been whacking the wee white ball around for 30+ years now.

My swing is not modeled after any particular player or style but is the sum of the input received over the years from my fellow golfers. Not surprisingly the less skilled my fellow player was, the more likely he was to share his ideas about the golf swing.

Check out the link to see what it looks like:


Nowadays, I do try to focus on 1 swing thought. Its that one critical and mostly unconscious motion that allows me to compensate for all my errors at impact. It can best be seen at:


Cheers, Séamus

Jeremy said...

Wish I would have found this earlier. I've been recording my swing recently to try and get better. If it's not to late let me know! Thanks for a great blog.