May 20, 2011

PUMA Golf Keeps Rickie Cool With TransDRY Technology

Looks like we might be doing a  review this Summer of Puma Golf's TransDRY(TM) polo shirts. The technology looks perfect for those hot and humid Summer rounds of golf we get here in the Ottawa area. Rickie Fowler the face of Puma Golf opened with a solid 63 at this weeks Crowne Plaza Invitational hopefully we'll see him sporting a TransDRY(TM) polo this week in Texas.

Press Release
PUMA Golf and Cotton Incorporated have partnered to create a series of PUMA Golf performance shirts featuring TransDRY(TM) technology, a moisture management system that wicks away moisture and spreads it for faster drying and less cling to the body. Rickie Fowler sported one of the new styles, the Golf TransDRY™ 18 Hole Polo, during his Thursday round at The Players Championship® in Florida last week.

The TransDRY™ moisture management system turns cotton into a performance fabric while maintaining the original breathability and comfort of cotton. By applying the technology at the yarn stage, PUMA Golf TransDRY™ styles reduce cotton absorbency capacity and overall drying time by 50% and doesn't wash away like a topical treatment.

The new treatment wicks moisture from the inside of the shirt to the outside, benefiting the golfer by keeping the inside of the garment dry and less saturated; simultaneously, the treatment spreads the moisture horizontally, allowing for a faster drying time.

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