May 25, 2011

A Refresher On Golf Etiquette - Tips To Golf By

Brian Kendall had a great little article in Ottawa's Metro News yesterday where he gave 5 simple rules to play like a pro. Most were geared towards a beginner but any golfer can use the refresher.

I golfed with a couple of buddies this past Friday. They are guys that don't golf that often but enjoy the game with enthusiasm. Here's a few more to remember for beginners and veterans alike.

  • Be aware of your surroundings on the course, if you happen to hit one close to an adjoining fairway or on another fairway be respectful of others on the course who are playing as well. Don't yell over to the other golfers wait your turn and proceed with your shot hopefully getting it back into the fairway.
  • Play ready golf and for God sakes don't take forever on the greens we're not putting for Millions of dollars like the Tour Pros. Gimmes can be your friend.
  • Stand behind your buddies when they're taking their swing, both for safety and for courtesy.
Do you have other good ones. Post in comments.

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My Golf Games said...

You could put together a full list just of etiquette on the green.

1) Treat the green like a new carpet.
2) Don't walk over somebody else's putting line.
3) If it looks like a ball mark, even though it might not be yours, fix it.