Jun 18, 2011

Testing Out MuscleCare

MuscleCare Product Review
I’ve been lucky enough in my 43 years to never had any major injury to my body even though I’ve always been very active. Whether it was playing basketball competitively back in my youth to planting trees in the wilds of B.C. during my twenties to taking up the great game of golf in the last ten years. But having had no major injuries doesn’t mean I’m not prone to the occasional aches and pain especially chasing around my three kids and a little white ball on occasion.

So how do I combat these aches and pains. Well most of the time it’s been Ibuprofen but lately it’s been MuscleCare a new natural topical pain reliever that MuscleCare’s PR Team sent me over to review.

They can call it natural because it doesn’t contain any parabens, wax, petroleum or colouring agent. The active ingredient in MuscleCare is Magnesium, which elicits the relaxation of arterial smooth muscle and aids in enabling skeletal muscle to relax. For me I like the fact it’s natural but when it boils down to it I just want it to work and not limit my major pastime right now which is “golf” and chasing my three kids.

Here’s the companies scoop on the product:

Professional Therapy Muscle Care by Dr. Chris Oswald helps tissues heal unlike many existing topical pain relievers which act by temporarily blocking the pain receptors to the brain rather than relieving the cause of the pain.

Muscle Care contains Holly Berry oil, or the botanical name Ilex aiding in the absorption of Muscle Care’s other ingredients allowing a 25 to 30 sec absorption with no residue or staining of clothing. The majority of gels and ointments on the market today are made in a wax or petroleum base that prevents the absorption of the active ingredient.

Muscle Care is the strongest, fastest acting, longest lasting topical pain reliever and the only one developed by a doctor to reduce muscle strain, tension and spasm as well as pain and inflammation.

Muscle Care is all-natural, safe and free of suspected carcinogens(methyl-and propyl-parabens and coloring agents) that are commonly used in leading pain relief topicals.

Muscle Care contains more active ingredients than any other gel or ointment on the market due to its unique patented proprietary formulation; the active ingredients are buffered creating a soothing yet significant effect free of any burning sensation.

Muscle Care roll-on gel has 10 active ingredients and the ointment has 12.

Testing It Out 
At the beginning of the season like most golfers I’m out there flailing away at the driving range trying to get the kinks out of my long dormant Winter swing. So of course I’m going to have a few aches and pains. Initially when applied the MuscleCare Roll-On Gel feels cool to the skin but within a minute or so the areas of discomfort (mainly my lower back and elbow joints) feel warm. The MuscleCare gel seemed to relax the sore muscles and provided soothing comfort so I could do other things after practicing or playing golf.

Now that the season is in full swing I really like using MuscleCare before a round to loosen up any sore muscle/areas. I usually just apply some gel an hour before my round and I find it warms up the area so I can swing freely during my round. Most of the time I don’t need to reapply after my round which is great. Of course stretching before and after a round is real important to and Dr. Oswald stresses that as well with his website and literature.

While I’m not one that has any major problems with their joints/muscles etc. I really liked the way MuscleCare worked soothing away my everyday aches and pains relating to golf. I also like the fact it is natural and was developed by a Doctor as well as tested out thoroughly. If you have any pain associated with golfing I’d highly recommend trying it.

MuscleCare can now be found at Golf Town which is great considering how many people golf in Canada and you know we all have aches and pains. The retail price for MuscleCare Roll-On Gel is $19.99 while the Ointment sells for $25.99. It can also be purchased at Rexall, Guardian and IDA Pharmacies and online at Dr. Oswald’s website.

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