Dec 24, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Retro Christmas

For most golf lovers at Christmas anticipation waits for one of those fancy new golf clubs under the tree or a new golf bag to compliment your golf clubs. Many are excited at getting a few dozen golf balls to supplement the ones they lost the season before (please note Ottawa Golf Blog family). For those of us crazy about golf, Christmas is a easy time to buy for those of us fanatical about getting that little white ball in that small little hole.

For those looking for that retro throwback golf gift you might want to get a gift certificate for the new year for your golf fanatic when Cleveland will release the Cleveland Classic Driver. When Ottawa Golf Blog first saw Cleveland Staffer Keegan Bradley using one recently he immediately fell in love with it's classic retro look hearkening back to the days of Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. The Classic is made with what most golf drivers are being used with these days, titanium. It's the club's old-school look that will get most golfers drooling. The Classic Driver has the look of an old persimmon wood but with some serious modern feel. It will have a 460cc club head with what looks like an incredibly deep face.  The dark mahogany and gold finish is one classic look definitely a must try for the new year.


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