May 24, 2012

Butch Harmon About Golf DVD Review

I received the Butch Harmon About Golf DVD just about the time the season was opening up here in the Ottawa area. So it was definitely a welcome aid in getting the rust off my game. The two DVD set features 57 chapters containing more than 250 specific tips, totaling over four hours of instruction. For the first few weeks of perusing the DVD I concentrated on Section One which is title "Ball Striking and Basic Fundamentals" a great place to start at the beginning of your golf season. I found Butch's tips easy to understand and laid out in a manner that will be easy to retain when God forbid a shot goes awry. Grip, grip pressure, ball position, takeaway, back-swing, impact were all highlights for me in Section One.

Section 2 is great in that Butch goes over "Faults, Cures & Drills". Golfers of any skill level can take away some sound advice from Butch. A section I like to check out when things just don't seem right. You really can't go wrong with a guy who was voted #1 in Golf Digest's annual ranking of America's Best Teachers for the past 11 consecutive years.

Section 3 has "Specialty Shots" and these are quite helpful as all of as golfers are faced with these type of shots during a round. DVD one ends with "Short Game" and "Sand Play" sections that lately I've been re-watching as a high handicap golfer this is where your going to shave some strokes off your game. With Butch's help I hope to accomplish this by the time I hit Cape Breton Island for my week long golf vacation in July.

Butch Harmon About Golf Teaser

DVD two starts with "Putting" which for me is all about feel, Butch offers up some great fundamentals, drills and practice routine which could help most golfers.

Section 7 of DVD two has great footage from the golf professionals who have benefited from Harmon's instruction, such as Phil Mickelson, Nick Watney, Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods. This section is just fun to watch anytime. Butch sure has had his hand in instructing many PGA TOUR and European TOUR. Watching the DVD is like having Butch as your own personal instructor!

Butch Harmon's About Golf DVD is quite the instructional golf DVD with over 4 hours of tips, drills, and fundamentals. It has something for everyone regardless of their skill level. It's great for brushing up on whatever aspect of your game you need instruction. Just find the section and Butch will put you on the right track. His simple yet effective tips will help any golfer plus his delivery, demeanor and candor is perfect for anyone learning the game. I also especially like the Section 10 of DVD two where Butch talks about kids and learning golf. I have three that I'm trying to introduce to the game, Butch's words definitely resonant with me, "...when juniors are playing their swings don't have to be perfect" something that might also hold true for adults as well.

Father's Day is just around the corner so if your looking at getting your golfing dad a gift. Butch's DVD will definitely improve his game, Butch Harmon's new comprehensive golf instructional two-DVD set titled "Butch Harmon About Golf presented by Titleist" DVD set is sponsored by Titleist, Winn Grips, Rolex, Golf Digest and JMA and is available for $79.95 on-line at

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