Jul 10, 2012

Golf Course Review: Top 5 Reasons To Use A Caddy At Cabot Links

After being home a few days after my trip to Cape Breton I've had time to reflect on a lot of things. One thing that stands out for me is my experience playing authentic links golf at Cabot Links with a caddy. I initially thought I'd just use a pull cart as I do most days golfing here in Ottawa but was pleasantly surprised when Joe Robinson the Director of Golf Operations met me at the first tee with our caddies. The experience of having caddies for two rounds at Cabot Links was top notch. Thanks Jim and Stephen you were great caddies!

1) Having a caddy will help you save a at least 5 to 6 strokes a round maybe more if it's the first you've played Cabot Links. The caddies have played the course extensively so they know where to hit the ball and where not to as well as yardages and course strategy.

2) The pros have them so why not hackers like us. This is probably as close as we'll get to playing like the pros on the PGA Tour

3) The caddies are all from around the area of Inverness. From various backgrounds: retired teachers, businessmen and students etc. These guys are great for stories both golf and non-golf. If your visiting the area they guide you the right direction on where to visits, eat and stay.

4) If your round is going South the caddy is their for moral support.

5) Caddy holds your clubs while you take in the many views from Cabot Links 18 holes.

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