Sep 9, 2013

Major Leaguer Pistol Putter Grip Review - Another Winner From

Having been so impressed with Best Grips last grip (Gridiron) they sent along for me to test out. I was intrigued to put on one of their leather putter grips on one of my SeeMore putters and test it out.

Having the right grip on any of my golf clubs is important but having the right one on my putters at least for me is really important. Because your using your putter so much during a round. Having the right feeling grip that connects you to the putter should be of utmost importance to a golfer.

The Look
Out of the wrap The Major Leaguer Pistol Putter Grip is a very classic looking putter grip. With the less noticeable and sleaker BestGripStitch the "Major Leaguer" has a distinct look.

The Feel
The "Major Leaguer" uses the same material MLB baseball gloves are made from and with that comes a beautiful feel. The leather is definitely soft to the touch but not too soft and yes it has that beautiful leather smell.

On the Course
I used the "Major Leaguer" extensively on one of my SeeMore putters over the last few months. It's not coming off anytime soon. The feel was great out on the course and it really complemented the SeeMore putter. I'm not going to say it made me hit a few more putts but it definitely set up well with my stroke and connecting me to the putter.

The Major Leaguer is available in Black and Tan in either Hand-laced or BestGripStitch.
Color stitching options are available. Black is standard, but Red, White, Blue, Pink, Natural (Tan), and Yellow are available for an additional charge. (Custom stitching may take longer) For further customization (emboss or initials) visit the Custom Studio.

At a Price tag of $35.00 the Major Leaguer is at the high end price of putter grips. That said if you've never tried a leather putter grip before your going to love the classic look, feel and tackiness. Best Grips are all made in the U.S.A. and you'll love the customization options too. There is a difference in leather than rubber grips.

Major Leaguer Pistol Putter Grip Review - Best Grips Review 


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