Nov 29, 2013

Nicholas Mariano Buckle and Belt Review - Where Style Meets Quality

I’m not sure when golf buckles/belts became a part of golf fashion. Some golf writers believe it all began back in 2007 when young golf session Anthony Kim wore his initials around his waist with one decorative belt buckle.

While most golfers don’t wear so much “bling” around their waists, the professional ranks of golf has certainly influence what we as mere mortal golfers wear around our waists. Look at when the Majors come around; buckles/belts are a prominent fixture when it comes to companies apparel scripting. Most die hard golfers can't wait to add to their golf accessory collection.

One evening this fall I stumbled upon New York based company Nicholas Mariano's 18 hole buckle on Twitter.  The design I immediately became intrigued both with its simplicity and sophistication.

After contacting them, Nicholas Mariano were nice enough to send me over the 18 Hole Buckle (White Brass with Graphite) with a stingray print belt to test out on the fairways of Rideau View Golf Club. Below is a waist selfie from the course.

Winning Combination on and off the course

The Buckle 

The 18 Hole buckle is a real simple design.  It's the perfect size (Buckle Dimensions: 3 3/8 x 2 x 3/4) for wearing on the golf course and off the course as well. The combination worked well with both darker and light colours. The white brass with the contrasting graphite numbers stands out beautifully and is a definite winning combination with the stingray print belt. This is the kind of buckle that is perfect for that round with your buddies as well as a night out on the town with your wife (looks great casually with jeans).

The Belt
Nicholas Mariano has many styles of leather straps to accent their buckles. I chose the Stingray print because it was different and wasn't a style I would normally choose.

I could not of chose a better combo as the texture and colour of the stingray print really accented the 18 Hole buckle to a tee.

Here's a little company background from Nicholas Mariano's website:

Each design begins with a concept drawing by Norma Almanza and goes through an in-depth development process before finalization. The buckles are then manufactured exclusively in the USA.

They are handmade one by one and rigorously examined to ensure the highest levels of excellence. The belts themselves are manufactured from top quality calfskin, lizard, American crocodile and American alligator leathers.

Each buckle design is personally created and hand rendered by Norma Almanza - artist, designer, and founder of Nicholas Mariano.
Cool Golf Belt

When it comes to your golf apparel you really have to have a cool golf belt. In fact if you talk to the golf fashion experts the right buckle/belt can make or break a look.  Nicholas Mariano is definitely headed in the right direction and I'm sure you'll be seeing their buckle/belt combinations on the fairways of the PGA and LPGA Tours soon.

The 18 Hole buckle retails for $69.00 and Nicholas Mariano's belt straps range from $65-$135 depending on the type of leather. Money well spent on a quality buckle and belt combo with style to boot.

After wearing the belt/buckle exclusively for the last month. You know your wearing something of quality, substance, and sophistication.

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