Nov 22, 2013

Holiday Golf Gift Guide Suggestions From A Golfer

Best Holiday Golf Gifts
Looking for that perfect golf gift or just shopping for some Black Friday Golf Deals. Here's a list I've come up with after testing out various golf product this season. The golfer in your life will love any of these guaranteed.

Fusion Ionz Bands
A Florida based company that I was introduced to in the Spring through Twitter. They make great looking negative ion bands. The premise is based on negative ion support through the band for your body. I'm 45 now I've worn my Fusion IONZ Sport since the Spring maintaining 3 jobs and a family life that includes 3 kids. It has definitely helped with my energy.

My son loves his kids camo band too! A great gift for the golfer in your life.

Flat out the most comfortable t-shirts I've ever worn. John Ashworth truly has something special here with the Linksoul brand. A melting pot of ideas from golfers, craftsmen and artists equals some pretty sweet apparel.

The word "linksoul" comes simply from the term "links soul", which was an expression of the combination of virtues we found through playing golf... and now seek in whatever we do. Our mission is to reconnect people to the soul of the game.
I bought the Walkman and Fly Time t-shirts in the early Spring. The super soft pima cotton stands out in these t-shirts as well as the artwork create by some amazing artists. I hope to test out some more of their apparel in 2014. Definitely for the golf hipster on your list.

The Golfers Creed, by David Forgan. As read by Linksouldiers Peter Beames and Tim Shelton.

SkyCaddie BREEZE
With so many GPS enable devices and rangefinders for the golfer out there SkyCaddie gets top marks from me for their BREEZE unit. Easy to use out of the box with a short learning curve. The SkyCaddie Breeze was perfect for my trips to Myrtle Beach and the Muskoka region. With a plethora of preloaded courses it helped me greatly with yardages from the front/middle/back pin positions.

The Breeze was great for keeping score as well and tracking the length of any long drives for bragging rights. A must for any golfer in need of saving a few strokes.

Best Grips
For most golfers it's the off season and that usually means checking out your grips and seeing if they need replacement. If you want beautiful leather Made-in-the-USA grips, Albert and Harry Sewill over at Best Grips know what it takes to make grips for the golfer on your list. Back in 2010 my Scratch wedges got the best grips treatment and recently one of my SeeMore putters got a new Major Leaguer Pistol Grip. I can't say enough about the product as well as the superior customer service.

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