Aug 16, 2014

Tom Watson Lessons Of A Lifetime II DVD Review - Golf Instruction

When it comes to golf instruction there's no one better than Tom Watson. Still going strong at 64 he's currently going over his options and will announce his captain’s picks on Sept. 2 for the The Ryder Cup. Pitting the American team against one composed of players from Europe. The Ryder Cup will be played Sept. 26-28 at Gleneagles in Scotland. Watson is one golfer that knows what to look for in a winning golfer. Pretty sure he can help us with our golf games.

Tom Watson Lessons Of A Lifetime II DVD

In 2010, world famous golfer Tom Watson released his DVD lesson series called Lessons of a Lifetime. It sold over 70,000 DVD sets in 5 languages in over 40 countries. When surveyed about the content of the DVD series, 88% of those surveyed said the program had improved their game and 79% rated it as excellent.

Recently, Mr. Watson released Lessons of a Lifetime II, which can be purchased separately if you already have the first series, or as part of a 3-CD set. 

The original series is perfect for a beginning golfer or for someone who is struggling with the basics.  It starts with a glossary of golf terms and then moves into some of the basics: grip, set up, stance and alignment. Some of the parts I regularly look are the takeaway and back swing to the transition and follow through which is something I always seem to struggle with. The DVDs are great for that, have a problem with your game, Mr. Watson has a chapter dedicated to it on one of the DVDs.

The series then covers topics like: chips, punch shots, bunker shots, chipping and putting with multiple lessons on each. Watson is a master of every type of chip shot and bunker shot imaginable that's why this section of the DVD seems to be the watched the most for me as this is where I seem to be able to make up shots on the golf course, thanks Mr. Watson.

Lessons of a Lifetime II -The New Advanced Lessons offers more than 20 lessons that give further instruction from Tom Watson. He goes deeper on not only how to pull off all the shots discussed in the original DVD, but goes into the mental side of golf.

The instructional videos and tutorials are easy to follow and filmed beautifully at The Greenbrier, America's Resort.

My favorite parts of the DVDs outside of brushing up constantly with the basics are:

  •  Bunker play- Watson is a master

  • Tom 's chipping techniques from all sorts of lies

  • His insight on teaching kids
  • Putting drills because you can never work to much on putting.
  • The touching Bruce Edwards Tribute
 The DVD series can be purchased online at It's also available through Amazon and select golf and sporting goods retailers and many golf superstores. A portion of the proceeds from all sales will be given to the Bruce Edwards Foundation for ALS Research.

The entire series (3 discs) is $49.95; if you've already got the first two DVDs and only need Lessons of a Lifetime II, it's $24.95. Each DVD contains a booklet which goes over the instructions on the DVDs. A solid investment for any level of golfer.


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