Feb 23, 2015

Book Review - Golf Etiquette Quick Reference

While not your conventional "golf" book Yves C. Ton-That, a leading rules experts has put together a great reference tool when it comes to golf etiquette. "Golf Etiquette Quick Reference" is the perfect guide for those looking to brush up on the correct conduct on the golf course. Etiquette can sometimes be intimidating but Yves goes through many points in a clear and concise manner making it ideal for those new to the game plus the season veteran golfer looking to brush up on this highly addictive sport.

Neatly arranged in 8 color coded sections it's easy to flip through to sections involving conduct before a round or conduct in and around hazards. This isn't a book your going to read from start to finish but more of a book you can flip through and become acquainted with different sections.

I really liked the fact the book is small, just a little larger than my iPhone and can be easily stored safely in my golf bag because of the hard plastic cover.

I could definitely see this being a great guide and reference tool when I have any of my three kids on the golf course. Not referring to it all the time but using it once a round to refer to a certain point of etiquette of golf. Plus it would be a great refresher for me as well.

Reasonable priced at $12.95 USD.

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