Feb 19, 2015

SeeMore Putters Introduces SeeMore Insider 2.0

I am a player. I know my game; its strengths and weaknesses. I am an independent thinker. Advertisements and commercials don't influence me. Endorsement deals don't persuade me. I only want the best equipment that offers the one thing I'm truly interested in: Results.
SeeMore Owner
I've always been a fan of SeeMore Putters, from the simple putting techniques that SeeMore teaches to the beautifully crafted flatsticks. When putting accounts for 40% of your strokes out on the golf course I trust my stroke to a SeeMore. Intrigues by their new SeeMore Insider 2.0. I've already signed up to see what it's all about.

SeeMore Insider 2.0
Receive real-time insight into putting instruction, tour tips and insider information from your handheld device or computer.  SeeMore is excited to announce the building upon its relationship with Edufii.  Now, SeeMoreans can receive the same type of online communication that our SPi Certified Instructors and Fitters receive on a daily basis.
Simply CLICK HERE and begin to receive great benefits and information about the SeeMore Putter Company.  Our goal is to make SeeMore Insider 2.0 a truly interactive experience for you, our SeeMore family member.  JOIN FOR FREE!!
 BENEFITS – new model updates, access to limited tour prototype designs before general public and communicate with top SPi instructors in the world on a daily basis.

We are proud to announce the establishment of SeeMore Insider 2.0. Its mission is to unite those passionate players who are independent in both thought and action in every aspect of their game.
Other companies have the tendency to refer to their club members as "customers". While this might be true, it is not entirely accurate when it comes to SeeMore. A SeeMore putter is one of those rare products that move its owner beyond mere function. In combining the finest of materials, meticulous craftsmanship and patented technology, it achieves a level of sophistication and performance unmatched in the industry. It empowers one to achieve results in their game that they've only dreamed about. Results and the passion of putting is what attract customers to SeeMore. This club is for our customers: the players.

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