Sep 27, 2017

Golf Product Review - GearHalo Leaves Your Gear Fresh Again

I've done many a review since I started this golf blog and I have to admit I really put the GearHalo Pods through a real test. I basically have use these pods for about two months in any and all my gear that happens to get a bit stinky. EVERY DAY.

This includes the following:
  • My old Under Armour runners I use at Rideau View Golf Course where I change the holes 4 times a week in the morning.
  • My various golf shoes that I wear about 2-3 tines a week.
  • My Adidas runners that I wear 5 days a week delivering mail with Canada Post.
  • My basketball shoes- I coach my girls basketball which started in September.

How To Use

Place a GearHalo pod in any piece of equipment that happens to get stinky after a workout or every day life.

So for my shoes, after working at the golf course I'd put them in my UA shoes which would be a little damp most days from the greens(grass). I'd place the pods in the shoes and then put on my shoes for delivering mail. By the time I got home later in the afternoon my UA shoes are dry and smelling great and they're old and almost worn out runners. Great job GearHalo!

GearHalo is heat activated so placing them immediately after finishing at the golf course is very important or any other activity. Use the Velcro on the GearHalo to connect pods for use in larger sizes of gear or pieces of gear.

GearHalo Science

The science behind GearHalo has to to with their SilverACTIV™ Protection. See below from GearHalo's website:

  • Silver Level of Protection for your Gear. 
  • The use of patent pending active ingredients to protect your gear from the stink of sport and an active lifestyle.
  • Powerful fresh scent deodorizer
  • Effective moisture removal system
  • Metal regeneration beads

The difference I found with GearHalo from other products I've used to keep my gear smelling fresh was that GearHalo actually controlled odour caused by microbes rather than just masking the odour  . When the pods come in contact with your gear  they remove the moisture that generates odour and leaves you with a fresh scent in your runners.


The Single Cube will run you $20, Family Cube $90, Team Pack $220. Pretty reasonable when it comes to sustaining the life of your gear.

GearHalo™ is designed to last an entire season, but consistent use in your gear can provide even longer protection from the stink!

GearHalo is a great new product that delivers as advertised. It removed moisture from my gear (various shoes) and left them smelling fresh. They don't mask odours they get rid of them. It's also a Canadian company so go check it out today.

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